Freddie Johnson - Bass, Vocals

Freddie brings a wealth of experience from the entertainment world to the Doo Wah Riders. Having been a professional musician for over 45 years, his career has taken him all over the world. From the early days of touring the Holiday Inn lounge circuit in the late 70’s to the recording studios in Hollywood, Freddie has had the chance to perform with a wide variety of musicians and stage productions. From television appearances on the Joan Rivers Show to Star Search, he has also appeared in various motion pictures such as Hot Moves, Jocks, and Private School, as well as gaining production and performance credits for the major motion picture 'Cocktail' starring Tom Cruise. He has backed up singers such as Thelma Jones and Sylvia Rodriguez in the Los Angeles Jazz and Blues scene, as well as haunting the venerable blues clubs of the ages. It's a long ass story!

Freddie also has over 20+ years of experience in terrestrial radio broadcasting, from hosting and producing to managing FM broadcast facilities in the Los Angeles Market as well as in Palm Springs, CA.