An Educational and Interactive History of American Country Music

Carefully designed with education in-mind, The Legendary Doo-Wah Riders present a unique 1-hour long program (time varies) that will transport your students on a musical journey from the early influences and beginnings of American Country Music to the present day. We proudly present 'Country Coast To Coast - An Educational  And Interactive History Of American Country Music.'  This exciting live show includes a carefully detailed monologue throughout by bandleader Kenny Lee Benson along with live musical examples performed by the group. Examples include early mountain music, gospel, blues, 50s rock and roll, and the contemporary country music of today. The musical past has influenced and formed the musical present and we'll show your students exactly how this happened by example. The Doo-Wah Riders will also discuss and showcase the influence of American Cajun Music with their own unique brand of "High Energy Country with a Cajun Twist". 

With the music now placed in an historical context, each band member then takes a moment to describe their own instruments and how they support the ensemble as a whole in the formation of musical arrangements. The program continues with a discussion of how music is learned and arranged by a group, the importance of patience and collaboration, and then culminates with an exciting finale. We begin with a solo drum beat, then each instrument falls in, giving your students the opportunity to learn on- the- spot how ensembles create music together as a team. Teamwork and imagination are the key ideals that we focus on. Throughout the 'Music In Schools Program', students are encouraged to unleash their imaginations and create music together utilizing creative collaboration. 

The Doo-Wah Riders' 'Country Coast To Coast ' has been performed across the United States for over 8 years now, from New Jersey to Orange County, garnering rave reviews from school administrators. Please contact us for booking information about this unique and worthwhile music education program. Your students are in for an educational treat. Make your school assemblies fun and educational with The Legendary Doo-Wah Riders! 

* In addition to our educational program, The Doo-Wah Riders can also come to your school for a fun-dance packed family night, back to school night, or any special occasion that you might have in-mind! 

For more complete information please contact Kenny Lee Benson by calling (818) 216-5654 or via email