Stage Plot - Requiring Monitors From Sound Company

Stage Plot - Bringing In-Ear Monitor System w/QSC Touchmix-16 Board

Stage Plot - Bringing In-Ear Monitor System w/QSC Touchmix-30 Board

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Stage Plot - Monitors We require monitors from the sound company with this stage plot. 2.87 MB
Stageplot - QSC Touchmix-30 Board We will be bringing the In-Ear Monitor System with the QSC Touchmix-30 Board 2.71 MB
dwstageplot-tm16.jpg We will be bringing the In-Ear Monitor System with the QSC Touchmix-16 Board 1.19 MB

Backline Request

Doo-Wah Riders Backline Request 2018



  • '65 Fender Twin Reissue
  • Guitar Stands need (2) two


DRUMS: Professional Quality

  • Series 5 piece kit (Yamaha, Ludwig or DW are all acceptable)

  • 1-22 inch Kick Drum

  • 2-14 inch Snare Drums

  • 1-12 inch Tom

  • 1-16 inch X 16 inch Floor Tom

  • Hardware-(all heavy duty, double-braced legs)

  • 3- Boom type cymbal stands, (1)- Hi-hat stand

  • 1-Single tom rack-mount on kick with splash cymbal holder

  • Drum stool- Rocnsoc Bicycle seat

  • Kick pedal - DW5000 single kick pedal-Delta 2

  • Cymbals (Sabian-first choice) -21 inch ride, 18 inch crash, 16 inch crash, 14 inch hats, one small splash cymbal

  • Drum carpet

  • Remo Heads (coated ambassadors or emperors on the toms, and coated emperor or coated c.s. on the snare)


  • Keyboard Stand need (1)
  • (** Kenny Lee brings his own KORG keyboard with him)


  • ** The fiddle player prefers to go through the house system. (He uses an LR Baggs acoustic pre-amp)


  • BASS: GK, SWR or Eden amp head
  • Hartke, SWR, or Eden 4x10 cabinet
  • Heavy connector cable from amp head to cabinet

* Most of this equipment is very common and available. If for some reason you cannot get this gear, please call Kenny Lee Benson at

(818) 216-5654 or (818) 762-3828 and let him know what you can get and we will try to accommodate you as best we can. We look

forward to working with you!!

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