For 52 years in the mountains of Southern California an extended family has come together to celebrate Oktoberfest. At 6,750 ft., the crisp Fall air creates an atmosphere of “Getmütlichkeit” and well-being. Surrounded by pine trees, the aroma of Brats grilling, and German Polkas, the hassles of everyday life melt away. It’s a special place where friends, family and love all combine to create life-long memories.

Now more than ever, it is time to come together and celebrate. So join us in raising a prosit to family, friends and good times. Prosit!

The 2022 Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest kicks-off Saturday, Sept. 10 and runs for nine consecutive weekends through Nov. 5, every Saturday and Sunday. Plus Fridays in October! We will be updating the site with more details on schedules, bands, beer and food information. Stay tuned and definitely be sure to check-out the website prior to your trip!